Living social new student promotion   (4 lessons for $50!) 

I am excited to announce the opening of an additional  location.    I am now also teaching at 9225 Leesville Rd, Raleigh.  

Lessons are available for the acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and vocals.  Learn Chords, Rhythm, Songwriting, Soloing, Theory, and much more.

We teach: Country, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Christian Contemporary, Etc.

Most of our students can play up to 8 songs within first 3 months.

Contact us at: (919)985-5294 or amplifiedmusicschool@gmail.com

or, for additional info, location and prices, click here.


Owen Hurter is the owner of Amplified Music School and his approach is to find what makes each student passionate about playing their instrument.  Many of his students move into music careers such as producing, songwriting, recording, teaching music and music artists.  Amplified Music School was originally Triangle Guitar Lessons and has grown so much that it is now a music school offering lessons in acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard, and voice.

This is a sample of Owen’s guitar playing.  He is improvising and then he will tell you about what you can expect from him as a guitar teacher:

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