I give guitar lessons in  Raleigh , NC.           
I teach: Chords, Rhythm, Songwriting, Soloing, Theory, and much more.Styles include: Country, Rock, Pop, Alternative, Christian Contemporary, Etc.

Contact us at: (919)985-5294 or

Owen Hurter is the owner of Amplified Music School – Maybe the best way of introducing myself is telling you why I do what I do:

I am passionate about music, teaching, songwriting, and creativity! I love helping others discover that they too can be musical, and they too can write, create, play, and make beautiful music. But, more that anything in life I love my wife Tonya and my beautiful 3 kids.
What else can I say? I was born in South Africa. I love Lions but have yet too see one in the wild! Starbucks is a happy thought, jumping on the trampoline with my kids is something i enjoy!
About Amplified Music School – I teach Electric and Acoustic Guitar. I teach Country, Pop, Rock, R&B, Etc. I cover chords, rhythm, soloing, songwriting, theory, and more!

This is a sample of Owen’s guitar playing.  He is improvising and then he will tell you about what you can expect from him as a guitar teacher:

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Amplified Music School


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